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Milepost 15.5 in Nags Head, NC

Height / Weight / Age / Weather Restrictions

ARE YOU SICK? – If you have any signs or symptoms of illness, please stay home. We’ll be here when you feel better!

Each Participant will need a cloth face covering to participate. They will need to be worn on the tower and during suit up and ground school. You do not need to wear it while completing obstacles

Height Requirements and Weight / Age Restrictions

  • All participants must be at least 3'9" tall
  • Each participant less than 5' tall must be accompanied by another paying participant who is at least 5' tall. A 1:1 ratio. At least half of your party must be 5' tall.
    Participants must weigh less than 250 lbs.
    Participants must be at least 6 yrs old.


  • Open during wind, rain and sun
  • Closed during lightning storms and re-open when the coast is clear.