Milepost 15.5 in Nags Head, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Aerial Adventure Park?
What is the time duration of the ticket?
Is there a height, weight, age restriction?
Do I tip the guides?
What if my kids want to go on the course and I don’t want to?
Are reservations required?
Do I need to be in good shape?
What do I bring and clothes should I wear?
Can I take my camera or phone on the course?
How safe is the First Flight Adventure Park?
How much does it Cost?
Can I watch my children participate on the course?
Can I purchase gift certificates? T-shirts? Photos?
What are the rules of First Flight Adventure Park?
Can I bring my group?
Can I just do the ziplines?
What if my child is on vacation with another family? How do I fill out the waiver?