Milepost 15.5 in Nags Head, NC

To be valuable or to be valuable-less……

Everyone always wants to bring their phones, wallets, and other valuables out to the park with them. Please do not!!!

First off, you should not have anything in your pockets so that nothing can fall out and hit other participants. This is said while in the shop during the check in process. Most people don’t appreciate being hit in the head by falling objects.

If you do bring something valuable out to the park, we are in no way responsible for it. We are located above a marsh, which despite all its natural beauty is very hard to find things in. If you lose something to the marsh chances are it is lost for good. Is it worth bringing your wallet, expensive sunglasses, cash, etc. out there for 2 hours when you could very easily lose it for good? No, it is not! Even Go-Pros that are harnessed on or are attached to your helmet can still fall. If you have your heart set on getting photos, we have a camera system out there or a Go-Pro is the only option for doing your own personal videography. Having family or friends, that do not want to climb, watch from the observation area and take photos is the best way to have those memories of you climbing captured. Watches and Fit-Bits that are not tightly secured could also potentially fall off. Also be wary of rings that can get caught by gloves or on ropes. Earrings can be a nuisance. The helmet straps could irritate how long they hang or poke into your skin.  OUCH! Nobody likes to lose stuff, but at least if you lose something at home you have a chance at finding it.

Please note that if something does fall in the marsh, while our guides are happy to look for it, which is not always possible if we are busy. It could be really wet out, or if we do not know where it fell. Their job is to take care of the people on the tower climbing, not to try and find someone’s dropped items that should not have been out there.

We highly recommend the only things you bring out to the course with you are water bottles and sunglasses (either attached via a strap or wear cheap ones).

Posted on Tue, July 31, 2018 by Abby Carey
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