Milepost 15.5 in Nags Head, NC

A rainy day on the Outer Banks!!!

As an adventure park we do stay open in the rain and embrace climbers on rainy days.  A little water and rain is just an extra part of the challenge. The extra challenge of rain or wind is even free of charge! If you are feeling confident this is just the challenge for you, and if you come while it is raining you will have time to go to the beach when its sunny out. Also, we (for whatever unexplainable reason) tend to have fewer climbers when it is raining out, no need to worry about tower traffic. Tower traffic can occur when there are a lot of people or slower climbers go on the course, just like on the beach road and highway here.

Other weather concerns… As mentioned before, a little wind and rain (or a lot) bring it on! Lightning on the other hand is something we try to avoid.  Getting struck by lightning tends to get bad yelp reviews.  If we see lightning close to the tower our amazing guides will evacuate you. The guides are trained to deal with that and other types of situations. We all walk back to the shop and try and wait out the storm.

Weather everywhere is a part of life and extremely unpredictable. Such is the case in the OBX. Storms here can last 2 minutes or 2 days so please listen to our staff. Our staff is local and knowledgeable of the weather conditions and can probably give you the best answers to their ability as to conditions that day. That being said we cannot control the weather and will do our best to give you a wonderful experience regardless.

Posted on Wed, August 1, 2018 by Abby Carey
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