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Health Benefits of an Aerial Ropes Course

Aerial ropes courses are generally seen as a fun and adventurous activity for most thrill seekers, but ropes courses can also be beneficial to your health.  Here are a few different ways you can physically and mentally benefit from climbing an aerial ropes course:

Develop Upper Body Strength

Holding yourself up requires a great deal of upper body strength, and throughout the ropes course you will have to use these muscles in various ways.  Muscles in your arms, forearms, and hands are constantly engaged while navigating through different obstacles.  The main muscles targeted while climbing on a ropes course are the brachialis and the biceps brachii which are located on the upper part of your arms.   

You will definitely find yourself feeling sore in these areas after climbing on a ropes course for the first time, but if you become a consistent climber you will see a dramatic difference in your upper body strength within a few months.  A strong upper body can create good posture, boost your metabolism, and improve bone strength.

Cardiovascular Fitness

While climbing various obstacles and conquering different risks, your heart rate will increase.  The cardiovascular system will have to work harder to provide your body with the oxygen it needs.  Cardiovascular fitness focuses on increasing the ability of your heart, lungs, blood, and muscles to take in and transport oxygen while you are working out. 

The improvement of cardiovascular fitness is linked to a reduced risk of developing coronary heart disease, lower risk of diabetes, stronger immune system, reduced blood pressure, lower fat mass, and a lower resting heart rate.  Consistent climbing on an aerial ropes course is sure to give you the cardiovascular fitness your body needs.  

Creates Good Balance and Flexibility

Aerial ropes courses utilize all muscles in the body, not just your upper body.  Your core is where your center of balance is controlled.  When climbing on different obstacles and ropes, you will need strong balance and flexibility to make it through the course without falling.  The muscles that give you balance are found in your back, abdominals, and spine.  Most sports do not utilize these muscle groups as effectively as climbing on an aerial ropes course.  Working muscles in your core improve flexibility, muscle stability, and can also prevent muscle injury.

Psychologically Beneficial

Most people focus on the physical benefits of mastering an aerial ropes course, but did you know that it can also benefit your mind? Climbing a ropes course may be something you have never accomplished, and it may even be a fear of yours to conquer.  Once accomplishing the course you will have greatly heightened your self-esteem.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is always difficult, but by doing this you are teaching yourself to handle tough situations and building a stronger mindset

Team Building  

From Co-workers to family members, all relationships are built on trust.  Helping another person through a course of challenging rope obstacles will require trust and encouragement, especially when a person is conquering a fear.   

When doing a team building climb, you may be able to recognize leadership skills in an unlikely person.  People step up in areas where others may be weak, and you will begin to see the true characteristics of a person when having to face a difficult task.  Learning to work together enables people to build stronger relationships and create positive attitudes.