Open & Close Procedures

Guide Course Inspection Check list

AM Checklist

1. Harness up

2. Clock in

3. Put together rescue bag for proper set up.

a. 3 prusiks tied to rescue rope, in proper order (1 blue, 2 red)

b. super 8 set up correctly

c. Etrie accessible

d. Extra prusik / carabiners

e. Re-fill first aid bag

4. Have a manager check the bag

5. Unlock and Clean bathrooms


 Tower Check

1. Test radios for proper function

a. Call shop from course and get confirmation

2. Check to see if poles are straight and platforms look secure

3. Look at guy cables and belay cables to make sure there is no slack.

a. Make sure no cracks in brackets

b. Cable looks secure

c. Does the cable hang lower than usual?

d. Does the cable have any broken strands or frays?

4. Check safe roller

a. Check lanyard for any frays

b. Make sure carabiners open and lock properly

c. Check to make sure the diapers are not broken

d. Does it roll over brackets and cable as it should

5. Go thru course to check for problems

a. Are any elements tangled, twisted or hanging wrong?

b. Does anything look broken?

c. Check brackets and arms for cracks

6. Report any problems to Managers ASAP

7. Have a Great Day

8. Get all participants off the course

9. Report any problems to managers

PM Checklist

2. Lock all gates and safe rollers

3. Clean tower -clear of bottles and belongings left behind

4. Lock tower

5. Bring coolers to storage

6. Take trash out to the dumpster (Do not let trash overflow!)

7. Check bathrooms- take trash if necessary

8. Bring all safety equipment inside

9. Make sure all harnesses are fully loosened and equipment is put away

10. Unpack rescue bag 

11. Have a great night (DO NOT party if you are working in the morning!)