Ground School

First Flight Adventure Park: Ground School Script
Updated January 6, 2016

(Greeting)-Welcome to First Flight Adventure Park! My name is _________ & I will be your guide for groundschool today.
(Poll) – Has anyone been here before? If yes, thanks for coming back. If no, welcome, I hope you enjoy your time today to
(Funny Personal)- This ground school is specific to this course, make sure you have your listening ears on because there will be a short quiz after my demonstration. If you break any of theses rules the guides can remove you from the course.
(course map)-If you were looking at the tower in a Birds Eye View, The entire course is shaped like a hurricane symbol. The central tower is the eye of the hurricane, then the courses spiral out from the tower like the outer bands of a hurricane. There are 6 courses total. 2 easy courses on the first floor, 2 intermediate courses on the second floor, and 2 hard courses on the third floor. The courses start with Tropical Storm, and work their way up in difficulty to Category 5, just like a hurricane! You are required to complete 1 course on each level before moving up to a more difficult level. Participants with Yellow wristbands are only permitted to go up to category 3. If they would like to do Category 4 and 5 they must get guide approval, first.
(Excellent) – This course uses a belay system called Saferoller, You will be attached to this the entire time you are on the course. It is comprised of 4 parts. The Saferoller Trolley, lanyard, caribiner and cable. The “Safe Roller trolley” runs on a continuous cable throughout each course. The lanyard is connected to a trolley and also connects a locking caribiner to you.(Show participants lanyard a locking The caribiner can only be unlocked by the guides, with a key. (Show participants carabiner). Course guides, such as myself, will be the only ones to clip you in & out of your carabiner. Please refrain from fidgeting or messing with your carabiner.
(Physical rules)-. You are never allowed to grab on to this cable at any time! It allows you to climb to high on the course, which can cause serous injury (demonstrate). ) Make sure you never wrap the lanyard around your hand for support (demonstrate). In fact don’t wrap anything around anything. The obstacles are designed to be completed without holding on to your lanyard. If you do, you can make your hands extremely tired and also give yourself rope burn. (demonstrate)
(Gates)- Once guides have securely clipped you in and checked your harness and helmet, they will open the gate to let you begin. Participants are never allowed to open any gates under any circumstances.
(Trolley Transfer) -When you begin & end each obstacle you will need to push your trolley over a bracket (demonstrate) The trolley will track in front or behind you as you move through the obstacle. Sometimes it can get stuck at these brackets. Please do not slam the trolley into the brackets because it damages the equipment. (Demonstrate) If you wiggle it back and forth or perpendicular to the cable it will line up and move through. If you have a yellow wristband on you will not be tall enough to reach the brackets on the courses. Therefore, you need a participant with a pink wristband following behind you at all times so that they can push your trolley over the brackets for you.
(rules)- we only allow 1 person on an obstacle at a time. Obstacles are located between two poles with platforms surrounding them. The poles here do not have platforms on them, however, once you are on a course they will. We allow 2 people on platforms at a time. If I am standing on this platform (stand by 1 pole) & the obstacle I am about to start is empty, but there are already 2 people waiting at the platform after it, do not start the obstacle until someone on the next platform steps off. That way we don’t cause traffic jams! How many people are allowed on an obstacle at a time?
(zipline start)-When you get to the end of each course you will arrive at a Zipline which will zip you back in to the central tower where you started. To start the Zipline, make sure your Trolley is over the bracket and walk down the ramp. If you need to grab the lanyard grab it here just above the carabiner (demonstrate). That way your hand can’t slide down the lanyard causing rope burn. Do not take a running or jumping start off the platform to get on the zip!! Simply walk down the ramp until your lanyard is tight. And weeee….
(zipine finish)-Once the zip has brought you to the ending platform please wait patiently for the guide to open the gate and let you back in.
-Once inside the tower, the guides will un-clip you from your caribiner. From there you are free to have a water break & choose to start another course.
(emergency)-Lastly, in the case of an emergency, you will hear a guide blow a whistle. If you hear this you need to move to the closest platform and stay on that platform until you are told by a guide that you can continue. If there are already 2 people on your closest platform, it is okay in the case of an emergency to become a 3rd participant on that platform.
-Course guides will all be wearing colorful helmets, and that is how you will tell us apart from yourselves who are all in white helmets.
- Part of the fun for participants is figuring out how to complete obstacles on their own. The guides will happily offer you tips, advice, or answer any questions you may have! Beware that scrapes and bruises can happen. If you become injured, or simply need a band-aid, course guides can offer you treatment and assistance.
-Quiz time! 1) How many people are allowed on an obstacle at a time? 2) How many people are allowed on a platform at a time? 3) Are you allowed to jump of the platforms? 4) Who is allowed to open the gates? 5) Are you allowed to hold onto this cable?
(Overview) –Awesome you all passed! Npw, let’s talk about where you are going so you don’t get lost in the putt putt. Head to the wooden ramp over there (point). You will pass through the blue roofed building where you will find restrooms and a water fountain to fill your bottles. Continue thru the double doored entrance gate that says “participants only”. This will be the only gate you open today. The guides will be waiting for you on the course. (Spectators, there is a viewing platform for you along the boardwalk at the ground level)
Remember to take care of yourselves and others by drinking water and choosing courses that suit your ability. There are shelves on each deck of the tower where you can place your water bottles. You will want to take your bottles with you if you change levels on the tower. This is all Challenge by choice,.. Choose your challenge
- If there are no more questions we will head on out (look for questions). Alright everyone, HAVE FUN!!! J